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FedEx Priority parcel to Lagos, Nigeria

There are numerous scams targetting sellers on ebay and on classified ads sites such as "Craig's List". In many cases the criminals are from Nigeria. They try to trick sellers into shipping goods without payment. In addition to fake check scams and credit card scams there are also fake BidPay and PayPal payment scams. For a creative and humorous approach for dealing with this problem, read the following email by a visitor to our website (please skip if you are easily offended by explicit language). We take no responsibility for following this example. Enjoy :-)

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Email by name withheld:

Just the other day I had this great idea to sell some stuff on the web. A friend of mine told me about this site called Craig's List. It's sort of a classified for almost anything. I put a tile saw, glass table top, maxima wheels, and an NEC 21 inch Monitor. I sold the tile saw the same day, and then began receiving email about the monitor from over seas. All seem to have the same approach.

"I am very interested in the monitor and have prepared cashier's check in the full amount and would like to send to you as soon as you have sent the monitor."

Now for many of you who have bought or sold anything from the web you have to be careful of all the scams out there. I received an email from an individual who seemed interested in the monitor and was willing to pay through BidPay. He claimed this was a safer way to pay and it would cover both of us. I emailed my address for where to send the payment, for which I would then send the monitor.

Well, last night I received "PidPay" confirmation that the payment had been made and the Money Order would be sent as soon as the monitor was shipped and I provided the tracking number. The purchaser, Jimmy James emailed me a FedEx shipping label and the deal was done. Or was it? Since I am a complete skeptic about these things and all I had was an email, I read the BidPay confirmation email very carefully and realized that since I had a BidPay account, then why did the confirmation emails say the came from an "" email address. This would be the first time I have ever seen any company that handles money use alternate "free" email domains to handle business. I looked at my emails from BidPay for my account, and sure enough the all came from, not "" offers free email to anyone who wants to sign up.

Well here I am with a monitor, a Priority FedEx Shipping label to Nigeria, and no money. I decided to send Jimmy James a little reply to his BidPay offer. Now if anyone ever has this problem, please let me know as I always have extra packing material since I have 6 dogs and 4 cats.

First of all you have to start with a good sound box. Line the box with good heavy plastic and then with cardboard so the plastic does not tear. After all this is going all the way to Nigeria. Lay the concrete pavers on the cardboard and write a little note to the buyer, like "FUCK YOU" or whatever you believe most professional.

Second, you need to add some packing material. I decided that used cat litter with all the goodies that go along with it. It makes great filler, but unfortunately it adds no value to sent removal. I also added some old Little Friskies cans with some of the savory juices I rescued out of the trash can in the garage.

Third, if you still need packing material I suggest something from the yard. I happen to have 6 dogs that can produce a large amount of recycled packing material. Fill the box as much as you can with this biodegradable packing material that has been recycled at least once already.

Last, add a surprise to the package, a little something extra to really make their day. I found "Sparky" the sail squirrel out on Hatch Rd near the end of my street. Sparky looked a little run down and needed a vacation, so I encouraged him to accompany the note and packing material to Nigeria to further get my point across that I don't like people who have nothing better to do than try and screw over people selling or buying items off the internet.

Hope this helps all. I have enclosed a few packing pic's in case you need visual assistance in packing the box.

Special "THANKS" to Jimmy for the prepaid FedEx Priority Label to ship my items to Nigeria.

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